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Press Release: Norvic Shipping Shifts their Business to the Cloud with SEDNA

News 16 January 2020 Global

PRESS RELEASE: 1/14/2020

Norvic Shipping, a leading operator of dry bulk and commodities, has selected SEDNA as its company-wide, global solution to increase team productivity. By adopting SEDNA across their offices in New York, Houston, Copenhagen, Dubai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Singapore, Norvic Shipping moves to the cloud with a more efficient way to meet global customer needs.

SEDNA replaces an on-premise solution with VPN servers that limited communication to teams, was cumbersome to manage, and labor-intensive to maintain. Majbritt Jacobsen, Head of Business Process & Applications at Norvic Shipping, said “SEDNA was the only cloud-based solution to meet our needs. The system tested well and reviews from customers were very positive. Combined with their open API network, we believe SEDNA is a great addition to our business application suite that includes Veson IMOS and MS Office 365.”

Robert Marek , Senior Manager, Information Technology, Norvic Shipping
Robert Marek, Senior Manager, Information Technology, Norvic Shipping

Norvic Shipping is shifting their global business operations to the cloud in an effort to keep pace with the ever-changing shipping market by leveraging the latest innovation and improvement to ultimately achieve the best results. As Peter Borup, Group Chief Executive Officer of Norvic Shipping stated “In order to surpass customer expectations, we need to offer invaluable and reliable service. SEDNA was the best solution for our global teams to deliver the open communication and collaboration that would yield optimum results for our diverse clientele. Everything must flow through SEDNA.”

Dan James , VP Product, SEDNA
Dan James, VP Product, SEDNA

SEDNA’s impact to Norvic will be delivering greater efficiency via the system’s enhanced search functionality, greater visibility into the business, and API integrations. As Ms. Jacobsen stated “SEDNA delivers a user-friendly system that is so easy to search for information and share with others. It’s amazing to have this much visibility into teams around the world. In fact, it wasn’t a difficult decision selecting SEDNA, the system frees up a lot of resources and simplifies life for everyone.”

Dan James, VP Product at SEDNA, emphasised the company’s focus on developing a platform that helps organizations maximize their productivity. “SEDNA has always made responsiveness a key aspect of our software. Whether you’re dealing with hundreds if not millions of messages, you need a system that works as fast as you need. We continue to push the boundaries in developing a solution that will help teams work as efficiently as possible by bringing together all the information and activities associated with a transaction in one central place.”  

Ms. Jacobsen concluded, “Norvic acknowledges the need for the newest technology and by selecting SEDNA we feel secure.”