• Leadership to us is a unique blend of high quality ships, the best people, customer care and financial strength.

Our Corporate Values


To be the one stop solution for the oceanic transport of bulk commodities worldwide.


To provide the best shipping support and freight services for dry bulk cargo and petroleum transportation. We aim to offer high-end, unbeatable and reliable bulk transportation solutions to our customers worldwide. To keep pace with the ever changing shipping market, we continue to strive for innovation and improvement to ultimately acheive the best results.

Core Values

We believe in:

  • Surpassing customer expectations by offering invaluable and reliable service.
  • Identifying and meeting all opportunities with a positive outlook, and striving to yield optimum results for our diverse clientele.
  • Open communication and collaboration with our customers.

What We Stand For

At Norvic Shipping, we put a great deal of thought into how we care for our customers, treat our colleagues, and conduct our business. We pride ourselves in abiding by a business philosophy that underscores our commitment and enthusiasm. We are passionate about our brand, business and people. What matters most to us is:

  • Responsiveness, accessibility and problem-solving
  • Execution of  the right solutions for our customers
  • An unshakeable commitment to our valued long-term relationships
  • Professionalism, adaptability and personal relationships
  • Our strong customer focus

Our Business Principles

Our success is predicated on our business principles. It is therefore incumbent on us to always:

  • Treat clients with dignity and respect.
  • Welcome a diversity of opinions and cultures.
  • Honour our commitments.
  • Operate with the highest standards of diligence and care.
  • Choose long term relationships over short term gain.
  • Strive to deliver the right solutions to our customers’ challenges.

At Norvic Shipping, every one of us is a company ambassador. We all share these values, providing incomparable service through our dedication, commitment and teamwork.