• Leadership to us is a unique blend of high quality ships, the best people, customer care and financial strength.

How We Do It

Norvic’s mandate is to keep bulk shipping transportation costs low and ensure delay-free shipping for our clients. To achieve this, we follow a simple two-step process. Pre-charter Assessment and Chartering.

Pre-charter Assessment

Every contract at Norvic begins with a detailed assessment of the client’s requirements. This assessment report

  • Type of cargo
  • Total cargo tonnage
  • Load & Discharge locations
  • Whether the shipment is Domestic or International
  • Timeframes


Based on the pre-charter assessment, we will determine which vessel type suits the client requirement. We will then arrange for the specific ship and draw up the Charter Party Contract between us and the client that will dictate the terms of our client’s shipping arrangement.

The Norvic Advantage

Specialist Team

Norvic’s chartering division comprises experienced specialists with the knowledge to provide a complete chartering service to our clients across the spectrum of major and minor bulk commodities.


Norvic possesses a fluid ability to undertake different types of contracts. We handle single shipments or a COA of a significant quantity that needs to be moved in multiple shipments over time periods involving more than one year. Such contracts typically involve multiple-port loading, multiple-port discharging, different cargo size and other variables. Norvic is well equipped to manage these contracts as a result of its team of highly experienced professionals who have handled such projects with great skill in the past.