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Accounts & Finance

Norvic Shipping International Ltd.
SSQ Place, 110 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite # 309,
P.O. Box 6, Toronto, Ontario  M2N 6Y8, Canada
1.416.673.9500 (Switch Board)
1.416.224.8830 (Corporate Fax)

Individual Contacts

Name Title Telephone no Mobile no

Lorraine Barber

Email & Business Skype: lorraine@norvicshipping.com

Group CFO 1.416.673.9504  1.416.549.4502

Jonathan Menezes

Skype: Jonathan Menezes

Corporate Controller 1.416.673.9524 1.647.549.4503

Lily Han

Skype ID: lily_norvic

Sr. Manager Finance & Accounts 1.416.673.9506 1.647.985.4504

Sharmin Jahan

Skype ID: sharmin_norvic

Accountant 1.416.673.9508

Sasha Parnahaj

Email & Business Skype: sparnahaj@norvicshipping.com

Credit and Collection Analyst 1.416.673.9520

Jeong-In Kim

Business Skype: jkim@Norvicshipping.com

Accounts Payable Coordinator 1.416.673.9522