• Offering customized trans-ocean transportation solutions to our global partners

Cargo We Transport

We transport a diverse mix of dry bulk cargoes that are sourced from a variety of industrial commodity producers, miners and end-users around the world. The variety of cargo means that we are somewhat shielded from the supply and demand fluctuations of a single commodity market. We transport:

  • Agricultural Products: Wheat, Canola seed, Lentils, Peas, Maize, Soya bean, Sugar, etc.
  • Minerals: Coal, Iron Ore, Millscale, Bauxite, Gypsum, Limestone, Dolomite, etc.
  • Metals: Steel, Scrap, etc.
  • Construction Materials: Cement Clinker, Aggregates, etc.
  • Fertilizers: Urea, DAP, etc.
  • Other Raw Materials: Salt etc.